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When the culture of your organisation embraces mindfulness, the benefits can be felt throughout - from mindful employees who are less stressed, more focused and happier to management and leadership who develop greater clarity of thinking and compassion to enable them lead their teams more effectively with those qualities.

A happier workplace is undoubtedly a more productive one and greater well-being brings a drop in days off caused by stress-related illnesses. 

We can bring mindfulness to your company or group in a comprehensive way, including enabling some of your team to continue to spread mindfulness in your organisation into the future.  Our practical, but life changing, tuition will make a difference to your team's well-being and ultimately to your organisation. 

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Benefiting the professional and personal lives of your team

Our Zen Minds programme offers a fantastic package of support which covers all the key areas mindfulness. This can have a huge impact on the professional and personal lives of your team. Each topic comes with a live online session with Martin Stepek which includes an informative talk and two guided meditations; a comprehensive, but easy to read, book; and an audio guided meditation. Topics include Managing Change and Uncertainty; Building Resilience; and Dealing with Stress, Anxiety and Worry.


Creating clear, focused & calm leadership

With our Zen Leadership programme we offer either one to one mentoring or forums for small groups where you can not only learn from the mindfulness and business expertise of Martin Stepek, but also your peers.

Mindfulness can ensure that your leaders are not only looking after themselves so they can avoid the pitfalls of burnout and stress but also that they are developing skills to make them more effective. With clear minds and greater clarity of thinking they can lead teams with the compassion that not only creates a more productive workforce but also a happier one. 


Teacher Training creating mindful ambassadors for your organisation

Mindfulness can make a lasting improvement to someone's well-being and give them skills they can benefit from throughout their lives. Our eight week Zen Ambassadors course can give a selection of your team the tools they need to pass on the skills of mindfulness to others. This is a very affordable, yet sustainable way to bring long term well-being to your organisation.

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