Why do Mindfulness? 

When we practise mindfulness we can calm our mind and this allows us to see more clearly what brings us happiness and what causes us suffering. With this awareness, we can take positive choices in everyday life. 

Mindfulness helps you to:

Be Calm. Paying attention to the breath and the body teaches us to focus on the present and bring calm and stillness to our minds to achieve peace and tranquillity;


Be Happy & Free of Stress. By being more aware of our thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions we start to know what causes us unhappiness and can learn to let go of these and nurture feelings of happiness instead. We are also better equipped to deal with unhelpful emotions such as anger, fear and anxiety;

Be Focussed. Mindfulness helps us notice our thoughts and behaviours. We can start to see unhelpful ways of thinking and get rid of confused thoughts and unhelpful actions giving you focus and resolve;

Be Healthy. Getting a good sleep and eating healthily are both crucial to a healthy body. Mindfulness can help you see what thoughts and behaviours are getting in the way of you achieving these two pillars of health and let you make positive changes;

Be Enriched. Whether it be deep personal reflection or enhancing your enjoyment of those things you have a passion for, for example art or music, mindfulness can significantly enrich your life.

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