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What is Mindfulness? 



If you’re always busy, constantly juggling home and work pressures, you’ll no doubt have switched to automatic pilot at times and not really noticed what you’re doing. You might realise your dinner is finished without remembering eating it. Or get to your destination without noticing any of the journey.

If you are easily distracted, continually exploring or worrying about the past and the future, then Mindfulness is for you.

In a life with constant demands and pressures, it’s all too easy to miss the good things, not recognise or respond to what our bodies are telling us, or drag down our esteem with self-criticism.

Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to, and seeing clearly whatever is happening in our lives. You could be forgiven for wondering how this could help. Your life will still be fraught with pressure, won’t it?

It may be, but you’ll be calmer in response to these pressures, reducing stress levels and benefiting your health and well-being. You may also recognise harmful, often unconscious emotional and physiological reactions to everyday events & be able to avoid them.

Mindfulness also is scientifically researched and shown to improve clarity and insight, improving our work too.

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