What people say...

We are always delighted to receive messages from happy clients and have a growing number who have now been guided by Martin Stepek to teach mindfulness to others...

Martin was so patient...he was also very good at relating things back to real life with relevant examples to aid understanding.  

Points were made simply with no frills.

I really enjoyed Martin's teacher training course the best part for me was meeting other delegates and getting to share their experiences. I also enjoyed the support from Martin and his team and the flexibility of learning.

The teacher training course exceeded my expectations and from the learning I feel I want to learn more and put my learning to good use. This is a very thought provoking course Martin and his team  provide support in a friendly helpful manner. Thank you. 

I have been working with family members and friends... I have a friend who is in final year at uni and really struggling with worry and not sleeping...He now has a visual of how he is going to finish his degree in journalism and go on to do his masters...

Martin provides a very unique training experience in mindfulness and has the ability to make every person on the course feel they have a special value to add to the group discussions.

Martin's style of teaching is refreshing and individual...I have a new sense of confidence that I can helpfully, and in my own ways, pass this beneficial learning on to others.

We are about to begin our next lot of mindfulness sessions...This stuff is infectious and it is going really, really well...myself and my participants are sharing, learning and becoming stronger together.

I found Martin’s teaching course to be of an exceptionally high standard in content, delivery, practice and personal support. I am indebted to this course for grounding me in a mindful practice and an improved way of life.

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