The Four Seasons of Covid_ The Future (s

We are delighted to be invited to take part in the Scottish Mental Health and Arts Festival, 2021. 

Overwhelmed by the invisible tsunami of covid our time was often eaten up worrying and wishing for a return to normal life. 

Whatever situation we find ourselves in, life is still precious and beauty can be found anywhere by being mindful and paying attention.

In our series of short videos: The Four Seasons of COVID: Life’s Triumph Martin Stepek, one of Scotland’s most respected teachers of mindfulness, poet and published author, explores each of the seasons in turn and shares the beauty he sees in nature which helps him find peace of mind. Each video includes mindful walking plus a selection of poetry, music and a mindful meditation, written and composed by Martin, for each of the seasons from Winter through to Autumn.

In the fifth video Martin gives his thoughts on a year under the cloud of the pandemic and what we can learn from it, using Mindfulness. 

We hope you enjoy our series and it helps you to feel inspired to live your life to the full as we emerge from the pandemic.