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Our Aim 




Our aim is very simple. We want to bring a healthy and happy mind to as many of you as we can reach. We will work to make Mindfulness a way of life for you to help you get better, stay well or enrich your life.

Our guiding belief is that real Mindfulness is not a tool but a way of life.

We provide you with expert guidance to fully learn and understand about the principles of Mindfulness but importantly, we also offer you a range of handy tools to help you develop your practice and make it a way of life.

Community is central to everything we do. Together we will bring positive change to society.

We believe Mindfulness is better if we can practice together. Learning the tools of Mindfulness is easy to do, getting into the habit of practicing mindfulness in your day to day life is more tricky. By supporting one another, this becomes less of a challenge and can be more enjoyable too. Ten for Zen offers weekly online classes and discussion groups for like minded people to practice together and discuss all aspects of Mindfulness. These online groups are expertly facilitated by Martin Stepek.

We work with you to build Mindfulness communities in your organisation. We offer Mindfulness teacher training in workplaces, schools, and health care environments across Scotland and beyond, to begin to develop Mindfulness skills in a small team of your staff so that they may develop and nurture their own Mindfulness community in your organisation. 



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