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Mindful Eating 

"Unless you have had a real weight problem nothing can ever convince you to lose weight until you're mentally in that zone! Understanding the terrible impact obesity causes to our body and actually feeling the pain of it. Then and only then can you begin to make inroads into getting healthier. To improve your physical and mental well being.

Mindfulness has been the key to open my weight loss door!

Myself and my husband went to Seville at Christmas - I had to buy HUGE clothes for holiday and it cut me like a knife. I made my mind up at that point that I would be changing my lifestyle in the new year as I simply could not go on feeling and looking so unhealthy.

We came back home and of course the Mindful Eating webinar followed.

I was clear in my mind what I needed to do. We stopped buying processed food – I make all my dinners from scratch. Preparation for me has become a bit of a love affair with whatever I’m preparing - onions, peppers, rocket, chick peas, olive oil, garlic and olives - salads coming out of our ears! Free range eggs from the local farm - thank you lovely hens! And meat from Greenhall farm! (I could really be vegetarian if it wasn't for their beef!) And almond milk! Who would have ever thought I would be taking Almond milk in my cereal. We had already swapped our coffee and tea habit for green tea /herbal teas.  

One huge impact for me was my portion sizes. I could clear a man sized plate of dinner in the blink of an eye. Is it because I am one of 9 and ..well you know about big families. Comfort eating is in my genetic code. It took me years to stop peeling a whole bag of tatties when i was first married. Bad habits do indeed die hard.

My main meal is now dished into a rice bowl. Never over filled and nothing added on a side plate. Took a while and I was quite hungry at the beginning but it has done the trick. I don't count calories. I just eat good food. Only salad in a larger bowl for me.

I buy a packet of ginger nuts and they last us about 10 days ha ha!! I haven't bought a cake, a biscuit, a bag of crisps since the new year. Its not hard. I honestly don't even go into that aisle now.

I loved your analogy of putting diesel into a petrol engine. Why would I do that to my body? (I don't count my wee tipple of gin at the weekend as fuel - mea culpa!)

But its not all about eating and drinking.

I have a static bike - I use it 5 times a week - started at 10 mins a day and now do 25 mins 5 days a week. I practice mindfulness throughout my exercise.

I have also kept a diary on my phone of all the exercise I have done and notes of when I have not been mindful when eating. That's the sheer brilliance of this! No guilt about having a weak moment. Simply straight back on track in the next moment."


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