It is our aim to bring a healthy and happy mind to as many of you as we can reach.

By offering free, easy access to Mindfulness to everyone in the UK and beyond, we hope to make Mindfulness a way of life for you to help you get better, stay well or enrich your life. We will not only help anyone who is currently experiencing difficulties or mental health issues, but we will also help prevent future health issues by providing a route for positively improving your health and well-being before issues occur.

Thanks to the support of Jamma International, Ten for Zen will significantly raise awareness of Mindfulness as a positive choice to improve your health and well-being and make your life better. We’ll help you see that real Mindfulness is a lifelong journey which requires ongoing guidance and regular practice.

And perhaps most importantly, we will offer anyone who wants to follow a Mindful life free access to an extensive array of tools that will let you understand and practice Mindfulness in an authentic, gentle and genuine way - from live tuition and expertly guided practices to a myriad of quality material which allows you to learn at a time to suit you including online courses, podcasts and blogs.

Working in partnership with Jamma International, we will make the UK a centre of excellence in the delivery and uptake of Mindfulness and also share this experience internationally.

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