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We need the support of like-minded people to help us deliver mental well-being to the people of Scotland, and beyond!

Any of you who know me will know I’ve always had mixed views about the world of business – in which I’ve been part most of my life - and a very deep instinct to offer help to others for free. I’m sure many people feel this same conflict.

My Ten for Zen partner, Morna and I have looked at several ways to try to square the circle of running a successful business offering mindfulness, with being altruistic and kind.

 All endeavours, whether that’s business, charity, or public sector, create running costs that need to be paid. In addition of course, we all have to earn enough for ourselves and our families. When we look at these matters with regards to our mindfulness work the conflict becomes even more acute, because mindfulness was created explicitly to help others.

Here’s what we’ve come up - we think it’s a really good balance. We currently earn our living through delivering commercial services and products based on mindfulness to those who have the budgets or means to pay for them. All our profits are used to offer Mindfulness to the many individuals and organisations who can’t afford to pay for these services.

Unfortunately, the need we come across is outstripping what we can deliver ourselves and with your help we can do so much more. Perhaps you've been fortunate enough to feel the benefit of Mindfulness for yourself, or maybe you're keen to try Mindfulness and would like to offer others the opportunity to do so. Whatever the reason, we'd welcome your support. Any amount you're able to donate will be used to bring the gift of improved mental health and well-being to those in need. It’s a form of paying forward. Every penny, every pound you contribute will help spread the benefit mindfulness brings.

Please click here to help 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness. 

With warm wishes

Martin Stepek

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